Our approach

KPMG’s acknowledged tax specialists’ expertise and in-depth knowledge of the field enabling them to assist clients in complying with the requirements of the law and remaining competitive. We adopt a cross-border perspective and a longer-term view, ensuring that our clients are prepared for potential future developments.

For international projects, we leverage the expertise of KPMG's experienced tax specialists from other countries. Their thorough knowledge and up-to-date information regarding tax-related nuances in specific countries helps clients make informed decisions that align with their business objectives.

We have been working with Joel’s team for a few years and cannot recommend them highly enough. The analyses, reports and solutions prepared by them and their overall volume of work have exceeded everything we have ever received from another service provider.

Client feedback

Our experience and services

We work closely with clients to thoroughly assess tax issues related to their business and development aspirations. We help identify the most appropriate form of business and offer strategies for dealing with tax issues. Our team also assists clients in finding favorable investment opportunities that comply with both Estonian and foreign tax law requirements, including measures to reduce withheld taxes and cross-border financing.
To minimise tax risks in transactions with related parties, we provide guidance on how to reduce the actual tax rate, increase cash flow returns, and create additional value for shareholders. In addition, we have extensive experience in resolving complex tax disputes out-of-court and representing clients in their communication with the Tax Board.

We have advised customers on tax law issues, such as:

  • tax audits, e.g. tax due diligence (TDD), tax overviews, risk-based audits or full tax audits (inspection of all tax areas based on an in-depth review of documents);
  • international tax issues (tax credit, compliance with laws and regulations, planning international business activities);
  • tax advice on mergers and acquisitions (assessment of the tax risks of the object of the transaction, transaction-related income tax, VAT and international taxation issues, tax structuring);
  • advice on transfer pricing (planning transfer prices, preparing risk analyses and documentation, developing pricing policies and service fee systems, drafting intra-group contracts);
  • advice on indirect taxation (VAT, customs and excise tax planning);
  • resolving tax issues related to the cross-border mobility of employees;
  • assisting in the performance of tax obligations (registration, tax reporting, tax refund requests) and providing support in communicating with tax authorities, including in the case of tax audits;
  • representation in tax disputes.


Karin Oras

Managing Partner, Attorney-at-Law, Head of Legal Services


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Head of Transfer Pricing Services, Head of Bookkeeping

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