Hetti Lump is the new partner and head of banking and finance at KPMG Law


Hetti Lump joined with the partners of KPMG Law and will be leading the firm’s banking and finance law field. According to Lump, KPMG Law's global network of experts in various fields enables the firm to offer clients in the banking and finance sector support on all issues through a single point of contact, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and sparing their resources.

Lump has been a member of the Estonian Bar Association since 2008 and since 2011 she has worked as an attorney-at-law in various leading Estonian law firms, including COBALT and PwC Legal, focusing on banking and finance law. At PwC Legal, Lump led the field of financial sector regulation and compliance, focusing on complex international anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing projects and financial sector licensing projects, including the preparation of applications for authorization of credit institutions, investment firms, payment institutions and other financial institutions. "I have had the unique opportunity to lead projects involving experts from more than 20 different countries and more than 100 different fields, including lawyers, tax, financial and IT advisors, as well as client’s team members. This has given me a rare opportunity to get to know our clients' business models very closely and see the bigger picture, " Lump noted.

Lump says that the decisive factor in deciding in favor of KPMG Law was the opportunity to lead the field of banking and financial law, including financial services regulation and compliance, in a law firm that is part of a global network of various experts. “Having led a number of cross-border financial licensing projects, I understand that KPMG's international reach and multidisciplinarity provides a significant advantage over traditional law firms in serving clients in the banking and finance sector. In addition to attorneys and lawyers in various fields of law, such complex projects usually require the involvement of tax and business advisors and IT and financial experts - often from countries where the client wants to expand their business, ” Lump explained. According to Lump, the KPMG global network is essential in order to provide support to clients in all necessary matters and for the work to be quick and smooth.

Karin Kaup, a partner at KPMG Law, stated that there are limited practitioners with extensive experience in the banking and financial sector. “As KPMG is one of the so-called Big4 company, banking and financial sector is one of the key areas in our firm, which is why joining Hetti into the circle of KPMG law firm's partners will further increase our level of expertise," said Kaup.

At KPMG Law, Lump advises clients primarily on legal issues related to financial services regulations, compliance control, anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism regulations, cryptographic assets, financing transactions and collateral packages, as well as issues related to project financing, financial markets and investments.